RUBY LA ROUGE - Dominatrix

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How to Book

Booking a Session with Ruby la Rouge

To book a session with Ms Ruby, simply follow these steps:

  1. Call Purrfections on 0414 327 654 or (08)8152 0176
  2. Ask for Red when you book.
  3. Clothing requests can be made after your first booking with Me.
  4. During your free introduction, mention my website and that you would like a BDSM session.
  5. Remember to be polite and courteous in all communication.


  • Where are you located? You can find me at Adelaide Purrfections in Torrensville. Trusted regulars can find me in the northern suburbs near Gawler.

  • Do you provide a location or do call-ins? Call-ins are located at Adelaide Purrfections in Torrensville.

  • What are your prices? You can locate my prices on my profile here.

  • Will you do xyz in our session? I will do most things if the price is right, but if you ask this kind of question I will probably assume you are a time waster. Book me at Purrfections (ask for Red) and we can discuss your ideas during your free introduction.

  • What is a time waster? They are someone who talks about having a session, but never actually book a session, merely waste my time.

  • What is your schedule/availability? Mondays 6pm-11pm, Thursdays 2.30pm-11pm and Saturdays 4pm-11pm.

  • Can I book a session? Call Purrfections and book me on a day when I am available.

  • Can I see you at your house for a session? Only trusted regulars can see me at my home for private bookings.

  • Do you do online/webcam sessions? Yes.

  • Can I have a session today? No, you must give a minimum of 24 hours notice to book with me. If you are a regular customer, then I might be able to do a same day booking.
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    Direct Deposits:

    Westpac Bank
    BSB 035047
    Acct number 628321
    Acct name Ruby la Rouge
    Swift code WPACAU2S