RUBY LA ROUGE - Dominatrix

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Mistress Ruby la Rouge

For now I am available to correspond via email or my socials to arrange sessions, as I do not have a work phone and am not interested in being called on my personal phone.

*please note: I am not a full service escort, therefore no intercourse - I am an experienced Dominatrix and if you want full service I highly recommend going to one of the many other available people.

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Ruby la Rouge - Adelaide's Sensual Sadist

Mistress Ruby

Greetings and welcome

I am a seductively sadistic and sensual Dominatrix from Adelaide and I would love to play with you. I am an absolute perfectionist, I take pride in my work and I have been pursuing my kink side for over 13 years. I enjoy sensual Domination, but I am a Sadist at heart. My favourite tools of the trade are: rattan canes, floggers, the aneros prostate massager and my strap-on.

I was trained by some of Australia's well renowned Mistresses and I completed 1.5 years of training as a Professional Dominatrix at Adelaide's Fetish Palace in 2012 and in 2017, but I took a step back to work on other career ventures for a while (Electrician & Content Creator). Recently I decided to go back over My notes from My training and re-read the books that were assigned to Me.

Presently I am confident providing light sessions and I won't be offering any heavy play for now whilst I revise and continue my training. I am a strict no touching Mistress, therefore you do not have permission to touch Me, but given your consent, I can make your kinkiest dreams come true by touching you in just the right places.